عمان في أسبوع – الجمعة ١ مايو ٢٠١٥

عمان في أسبوع – الجمعة ١ مايو ٢٠١٥

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عمان في أسبوع – الجمعة 5 يونيو 2015

عمان في أسبوع – الجمعة 5 يونيو 2015 لا توجد روابط ذات صلة.

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  3. Yum! What a gorgeous looking cake and luv that image of the stacked slices. Peaches and chopped pistachios…dangerous combination for me. I'd probably eat the whole cake to myself. Nicely done, Angie!

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  20. Ja visst låter det underbart! Vilken resa är du sugen på? Jag hade inte sagt nej till ett av projekten på Borneo med regnskogen.

  21. looked crisp.  I remembered a place to go take pictures, thanks to my friend, Michele (son – Shawn).  Here’s a few of my faves from our scheduled/nonscheduled/postponed, but not

  22. Perhaps so, Steph! I rather like the metaphor of spilled ink, though I'm not too keen on the cliche of its use in scholarly literature. Yes, lots of antiquated expressions stick around, e.g. "come a cropper" and now few know where it came from. I like the idea that our great grandchildren will be talking about spilt ink without any idea where it comes from.

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  24. Myriad – thing is we’ve heard Adams’ opinions many times over by now, and, given that his guests are the experts on the issues, we’d rather hear what they have to say. Please don’t make me have to get out the stopwatch.

  25. Salam kat Tungaklangit,..abiss ko ni nak sokong umno ke pr ni, confuse la..boleh tak penyokong parti cap kapal laut Afrika nak join kat sini..

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  30. Lisa – These are perfect – they perfectly capture your beautiful spirits and beings and convey your deep happiness together. Can’t wait to see the rest of them!

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  35. Such a pretty Christmas kitchen Shannon. Baking those cookies will make it that much more "Christmassy". I did the same thing last night, but I made fudge. I'm a fudge addict!

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  69. Love to see the turn out at million dollar + open houses this weekend, maybe if they serve food a few homeless people will come by. Won’t be long before the realtors will be getting up on those grante counters to service the would be buyers.

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